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    Sales Training

    Communication Skills
    This presentation discusses the advantages of listening vs. talking. It covers various questions to ask potential customers and how to respond to questions. It also discusses the various keys to effective listening.

    Closing the Deal
    Covers how to get the potential customer to say “yes”. If these guidelines are properly used, the closing ratio should improve quickly. Closing questions and trial close questions are discussed, as well as two very effective ways to close.

    Prospecting 101

    Geared towards students who plan to go into the sales sector of business. Various forms of prospecting are discussed, including role play opportunities. Various outcomes of the prospecting are covered, along with what to say on the phone or in person to the “gatekeeper”. A discussion of discovering who the Executive Level Contact or “ELC” is and the importance of getting to that person on the call.

    Objection Handling
    What happens when a customer says “No”. The different kind of objections, when they tend to occur, and what you can do to overcome them and get back to the sales process are discussed in full.

    Goal Setting
    Why set goals? The do’s and don’ts of goal setting. Setting realistic goals and what to do after you have or haven’t achieved them.