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    Greek Life

    Greek Life, What’s in it for ME ?

    What should the new member get from Greek Life?  What are the advantages to going Greek and what should they expect, as well what is expected from them are discussed.  Associate Members, New Sisters and anyone in their first year of initiation are the targeted audience.

    Closing the Deal
    Covers how to get the potential Greek member to say “yes”. If these guidelines are properly used, the number of bid  refusals should decline rapidly. Closing questions and trial close questions are discussed, as well as two very effective ways to close.

    How to Talk to the Non-Student – Why Don’t They Hear Me? 
    What does the student do when they have to speak with someone in authority, a donor or perhaps a parent? What if the student or their chapter has gotten in to some sort of trouble? What they say, and how they say it can make all the difference as to how they are perceived. Will they have credibility and be taken seriously? This presentation walks the student through what to say, how to say it, (verbally and physically), what they look like and how to follow up.

    Risk Management
    Anti-Hazing – This presentation is very specific to local and state laws, and the associated penalties for breaking them. Subtle Hazing, Harassment Hazing and Violent Hazing are all covered in detail. This presentation is very interactive and often surprises the students with what really happens if they are caught in a hazing situation.

    Communication Skills
    This presentation discusses the advantages of listening vs. talking. It covers various questions to ask potential Greek members and how to respond to questions. It also discusses the various keys to effective listening.


    Gaining Alumni Support
    Questions like “How does a Chapter get more involvement from their members after they graduate, and when do we start asking them for money?” are all covered. How do the members approach alumni they don’t know at an event, and what events will attract alumni to come back to the University?


    Working on Your Image
    Interview skills, resume writing, what to wear or not wear, what to bring to interviews whether it is for their first job or internship. An open and candid discussion about Facebook, the Internet and voicemail, and what it means to their interview and future.


    Breaking Bad Habits and Bad Traditions
    Overcoming outside negative pressures that influence bad decisions inside a chapter, while taking a good look at your own chapter’s identity.

    Working with Nationalz

    This presentation is designed to address some of the concerns that Greek members are often heard complaining about to their Greek advisers about their national or international organizations. It is designed to reassure and educate the Greek member to the advantages of belonging to a NIC, NPC, NPHC and NALFO recognized organization as opposed to a “local” organization. Insurance, legal advice, scholarship and organized philanthropy as well as hazing are all discussed.